A story about self-discovery and self-doubt, about destruction and rebirth, as told by the band Kaidun.
Each artwork is an episode in their narration, one flowing from another, as cause and effect.
Episode 1   Awake

There is a certain sense of awakening once you truly understand the outer world and the way it affects your inner world.
You cannot be absent from its effect on your perception. 
The loneliness in the sea of people is sometimes soul-crushing.
Then you look to the sky for an enlightenment, but that mere ray coming from above only casts an enlightening pain over your reality.
Episode 2   Retina

It burns your eyes. The crushing reality of our misfortunes, injustice, and alienation.
There is an aching moment when you lose your voice, you begin to melt and you cannot help but soak in all of your reality. 
You wish you could disintegrate. But you continue to remain, in an unintentional stiffness - the calm before the calamity.

Episode 3  Jenga

You no longer have an identity.
In an eruption of rage, your compulsive reactions take a hold over your inner self.
No longer a complex human being, you have been overshadowed by your anger and, reduced to a backlash.
Episode 4  Skies

The rage has brought you calm and acceptance.
It would be paradoxical to respond to violence with violence. It would be an autophagy.
A turn for good is needed - merging our souls into one to create a better world.
Let's see the new beginnings together, let's calmly become one.

Episode 5  Kepler

This world is doomed and too small for our dreams.
Let's conquer space and new planets. Let's conquer our inner space and let our reality be dictated by our souls and not the other way around. It is a thing that has been done, but not by us.
It is a matter of faith and heart and changing together.
Let's make the stars our own and give out souls to the stars.
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This is a journey that every one of us has taken or will take in their lifetime. Being aware of our inner and outer reality, solving our conflicts and learning and loving who we are.
Our immersion in society is often a brutal one. It takes time to understand it, although it is our very own creation. With it, comes the wish to make it better - our empirical desire. 
Awareness, suffering, hate, acceptance, hope - an existential journey. Sometimes, you need to destroy in order to create.
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