The Belt is a video prototype of a multimedia product, a hybrid between a web site and a video. By taking advantage from the web interface potential, the audio- visual element is enriched through interactions that allow an alternative use of the contents. The video is a visual narration which explores con- siderations I developed regarding the Contemporary City, it’s survey, and it’s perception. The film project is built up through live shootings, which simply describe the locations where the first minutes of the vi- deo come from. The following scenes see a progressive abstraction of the images’ quality, taking advantage of various techniques, such as: stop-motion; the construction of a model of the city in 1:1000 scale; the web interface itself. Automation potentials are in fact employed to allow additional browser windows to open, controlling the moment in which they appear, and synchronizing them with the video and the au- dio tracks. The story originated from a combination of images which describe the journey of a commuter in the road network of his own City. In this scene the results of my research, which I developed during the past year, take shape: the aim was the detection of a potential form of communication which is capable of providing an alternative view of our urban space. The needs which pushed me through this process concern the possibility of displaying feelings that I collected day by day, just by living the urban outdoors. Through the theoretical research, I acquired a set of tools that allowed me to sound out and analize exactly how I wanted to shape the results of my research. The Belt represents not only the final realization of a project, but also the finishing line whereI can experiment not only with various practices, but also with new visual languages.
Audio composition has been made by Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio