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    Collection of creative logos produced in recent years with clever ideas and/or compositions.
...thinking 'out of the box'...
A collection of creative/clever logos I made in the last few year. Some of them feature innovative techniques innovative techniques improved over time.
BABEL - BOOK STORE: A clever logo that represents a sheet of paper forming the Tower of Babel. In this context, the Tower of Babel symbolizes the multi-ethnic culture and the diversity of mankind.
HANGING GARDENS - FLOWERS & PLANTS: A bold and unique logo that features a personal artistic interpretation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
HOME ARCHITECTS is a clever logo for residential architecture.
MOVIE GALLERY: a few touches and painting exhibition turns into a film exhibition: the **MOVIE GALLERY** !! This Logo is perfect for companies involved in film industry (content provider, production houses, etc..)
In use by Client.
INFINITE KNOWLEDGE: A book that extends toward the horizon, a strong concept for a classic brand designed for the publishing sector.
In use by Client.
RINGWORLD: Homage to Larry Niven, an abstract, clean and neat logo good for any business.
Recursive + Art = Recursivart (which pencil draws each other ?)
SOUNDWASH STUDIO: A clever logo that represents a wash-machine with a built-in loudspeaker.
SWOOSH - WATER PARK: Funny, Modern, Edgy logo for water parks and related business. It represent a swimming slide/slipway which forms and 'S' (Swoosh's initial).
ICARUS: A logo about the myth and the dream of flying...
In use by Client.
Armata Creativa: ...art can break walls...
In use by Client.
Most of the logos showed on this page are for sale, please contact me for any information

All logos showed on this page are owned and protected as property of Chrisworks © or respective owners