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    Title sequence of The Alchemist done in sand!
I have tried to keep the element of mystery giving hints of what Alchemy is. I have shown atomic interactions to explain that Alchemy is nothing but chemistry. I have also shown the transformation of energy and life. A bird turning into plant, a plant turning into sun...to reveal that everything is one and "written by the same hand". 
Typeface developed from Alchemy symbols
The created typeface used in the title
Atomic reactions explaining that Alchemy is all about Chemistry
The laboratory apparatus to show the experiments that went behind this study to understand the nature of matter and energy
The interchange of substance--water to fire
Transformation of life--A bird turning into plant, a plant turning into sun
The nucleus with revolving electrons turning into the sun with revolving planets once again reminding us of the similar pattern in creation...everything being written by the same hand.