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    The things we do at our conference trying to explain the experience and feelings that our interactive installations transmit to the people.
Conference Experiments
As we do interactive installations and they normally are ephemeral, we have a little problem when we try to explain what we do in our conference. We usually explain how it worked, we show some videos and photos of the results and even some making off footage, but what we can not show is, what we think it is, the most important part of our installations: the experience, what the people feel using and playing with them. So, trying to transmit that, to let the people feel what was the sensation on interacting with a specific installation, in our conferences we make some experiments.

Multitouch Space Invaders demo
On 2009, during Art Futura , we did this to share the user experience in our project Multitouch Space Invaders.

Sabadell demo
On August 2010, during the conference in Sudala, we explained that a couple of days after that conference we were going to do a huge mapping installation during Sabadell's town festivities. It was going to be a mapping with 4000 attendees interacting with light sticks. 

In this case, this experiment was good for us because until that moment we couldn't imagine the visual impact of what we were going to do 2 days after, because obviously, when we were programming that installation, we hadn't 4000 people to test it, so taking advantage that it was more or less the same amount of people in the conference, we did this.

Here you can see a couple of videos of the experience here, here and here.

GIF ME thanks!
Finally, this is what we have been doing in our last conferences in order to explain the PLAY WITH ME project using the most dynamic installation of it: the GIF ME installation.

It's a quick way to show how fast the installation work and make some fun, as well as, to let us say "Thank you" to all the people attending our conferences and the festivals that made them possible.

You can see them all here