Harmony Holiday’s writings test the limits of language, pushing the relationship between poetry and prose. The poems are chaotic and mesmerizing with violence, music, history and semantics moving back and forth. In her prose poems, through out her isolated lines, her long unruly sentences embody social injustices and are often tied in with music and musicians relating to African American culture that regard racial conflict. She invents a way to speak about, between, around, and through race, reflecting its complex nature in this country. These aspects of her writing are some of the elements that impacted my design. By creating an active background in my design I evoke a sense of drama and rhythm that relates best to the social injustice issue in which Harmony often tides in her poetry. The designed was 
The black and white abstraction in this chapbook that I created means many things, it defines a complex time in our nations history, it relates to the dramatic events of the civil right movements and the back and fourth relationship with racial discrimination. Abstraction being the key point contains a disorderly and rhythmical feel, similar to Holiday’s writings, which embodies the rhythm of the African American musicians and pushes language and grammar towards a dynamic cultural experience.
Typography: Franklin Gothic was hand set and letter pressed