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    Wild Hearts – a series of eight 50x70 cm posters.
A series of eight 50x70 cm posters.

The posters bear an unique handwritten type, custom-made for this purpose. Custom-made for dignity. For sincerity. For harshness. For pride. Custom-made for every girl and boy out there; for every man and woman; for every mother and father, brother and sister; for every friend and enemy; for all those insecure teenagers, all those crooked politicians, all those devious hardliners; for every person that's ever rejected themselves; for every criminal, every jovial doctor, every worn-out job-seeker, every sunny bus driver, every miserable ninja, every fed up CEO, every otherwordly lumberjack; for every single kid; for all lovers and helpers; for all those disabled, all those skydivers, all those hunters; for all square-shaped souls trying to fit into the round holes of society; for all those people who would like nothing more than to just leave it all behind; custom-made for anyone and everyone, with a wild heart.