B.A.A & light pollution campaign rebrand
The B.A.A and light pollution campaign rebrand
During the writing of my final major project I discovered a design problem with the British Astronomical Association’s identity. It’s branding was becoming old fashioned and I didn’t believe it reflected who the B.A.A are, “Britain’s leading organization for observational astronomy”. Another aspect I noticed was the B.A.A light pollution campaign, there seems to be a lack of identity all together.
In response to these problems I wrote brief that asked me to create a new graphic language for the B.A.A’s branding and redesign is light pollution campaign, (CfDS) Campaign for dark skies. The Target audience for the branding was the younger generation from the ages of sixteen to twenty six, however it was important not alienate the existing market.
The final outcomes for the B.A.A was a new visual identity, stationary range, website design and promotional item. The light campaign’s final outcomes were to be a new name, leaflet, handbook, business card and webpage.­­­
The brand idea for the B.A.A was about mapping out the constellations in a new way. This mapping graphic idea comes from the way we see planets in the sky, light that shines off a star makes its surrounding planets light up so that they become visible. I interpret this as the most noticeable and important aspect shows the less important. With this in mind I came up with the idea of having graphic marks (representing light) shining from the logo and showing the constellation on the other side.
The website for the brand has animation in between the changes of each page. Once you have finished reading the text you can click one of the stars in the constellation to take you to another page. The type disappears as does the box afterward and the screen zooms in or out to another constellation in the background, were the box and type reappears.
The promotional item is an editorial based sky guide that contains advice and a selection of constellation for a beginner astronomer. The idea for the visualization of the book was that it should have the identity ofthe B.A.A and the light pollution campaign. So that if someone was to connect with the B.A.A, there would be a good link to the campaign.
The purpose for the campaign is to stop artificial light being shined in places where its not need. Not only does it spoil the view ofthe natural night sky, it also causes financial problems for the country andeven health problems. This is what the campaign is trying to bring awareness too.

The light pollution campaign’s original name was ‘Campaign for Darker Skies’, but after sometime the new name ROS was created (Refresh OurSkies). The idea of the campaign’s visual identity was enable of you to see the message you needed to interact with whatever the brand existed on. Which is what the campaign is trying to achieve, people taking action by turning off their lights enable to see the beauty of the sky.

The final result of this was a information leaflet, handbook, business cards (which later became the glasses that can fit in awallet) and two posters.