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    Interface designed for call centre operatives who take hundreds of taxi calls a day, and are given zero or limited training to do so.
MTData provides taxi and logistics tracking all over the world. I was asked to design the UI for all of their products. 
One of the most complex being the Web Tel Op system. This system is in place in some of the largest taxi providers in cities world wide. My task was to simplify the UI so that it required zero training. 
The product I created was modular, so that it could be extended upon, and also so that each section of the booking process was contained. 
Also so that more complex booking tasks were not a distraction for 90% of bookings, I added advanced options. These are viewed by clicking the (...) icons which expand each module.
The look and feel follows the design style I implemented for the rest of MTData's non-customer facing interfaces which is simple, friendly and approachable. 
Further data and functionality is displayed in pop up overlay modules... such as this customer history module.
...and this extra pick up settings module.
Best colour themes are dependant on the amount of light in the surrounding room, and also whether the user has any sight problems. So I added 3 possible colour themes which can be switched in the settings. One dark, for dim lit rooms - one light for well lit rooms, and one high contrast theme for the vision impaired.