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Festival Paintings and Drawings 
My work explores and documents events from my ethnic heritage and religous upbringing. Specifically I paint scenes of Italian, Roman Catholic, religous fesitvals, “feasts”. I document and create images from pictorial references and memories that highlight the different tradtions, rituals and the emotions of these glorious summer events.

Most of my images focus on two “feasts”. First the feast of the Madonna della Civita in Cranston, Rhode Island and the other is the feast of the Healing Saints of Saints Cosmo and Damiano in Sommerville, MA. Both of these events have long histories here it he US and were brought here by Italian imagrants in the late 1880’s. These events once common everday occurence in the north east are no slowly dying off and are one of the few calling cards left for Itaian Americans.

The goal of my work is to document the pagentary, warmth and strangeness of these events. Growing up as I did in an enviroment where your yearly calander revolved around these events was wonderful and exciting. Summers were filled with marching bands, food, friends, family and religous furver. I attempt to capture some of that in my work so that these traditions may live on.
Solitro's Bakery, oil on canvas, 30"x40", 2017
Work in progress, oil on canvas, 1964
Work in Progress, IPad Pro Sketch over photo of 1964, oil on canvas, 30"x 40".
Preparatory Digital Adobe Sketch Drawing for 1964
The National Emblem March, oil on canvas, 24"x24", 2014
The Bells Foretold Her Arrival, 8"x10", pen and ink wash on paper, 2014
Making Her Way Down Vervena Street, watercolor and ink on paper, 8"x10", 2011
Santi Medici,  ink and watercolor on paper, 8"x10", 2012
Into the Light,  ink on paper, 11"x14", 2010
Procession Study,  watercolor and ink on paper, 8"x10", 2011
Evening Novena, oil on paper,  20"x26", 2009
Federal Reserve, oil on canvas, 5'x6', 2001
Down From Her Throne, oil on paper, 24"x36", 2004
Bernini's Elephant, oil on paper, 24"x34", 2010
Madonna Dell Civita Processional Banner, mixed media and oil, 4'x6', 1998