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POSSESSION/S  //  This presentation, designed in Keynote, represents the culmination of my Fall 2009 Design Research course, in which all first-year MFA Design students were enrolled. It was used during our final course critique, where we presented our research findings and prototypes to the public.

I acted as head presentation designer + wrangler, working with 3 deputy wranglers and over 20 presenters to perfect it, and also ensured smooth technical production and remained just offstage to help presenters in the event of difficulties. Most of the photographs and prototype designs were supplied by the presentation groups (noted below are the non-template elements I created).

The branding is based on the event poster a classmate designed, adapted for the wider needs of the presentation template. It was extremely long (over 90 slides + single slides with multiple animations), so I've included only a snapshot of the contents below.
(photo collage of "conspicuous consumption" created by me)
(mind map from brainstorm session with my team + designed by me.)
(Sentiment Cube with logo assembled by me from existing picture
of box, originally red, and logo designed by group teammate.)