Le Mot Juste is an annual anthology from the Just Poets organization in the Rochester, NY, area. I designed and laid out the 2011 issue ( http://www.behance.net/gallery/Le-Mot-Juste-2011/1694810 )  and the 2012 issue.  

It took some time to find some artwork, but eventually we found Colleen Blackard's "Wake, 2010." I had to alter the dimensions of it a bit to work on the cover and for the spine. Here's the front cover.
As you can see I tried to make the picture infiltrate the words so the words wold become part of the image. Also, there were decisions on where to put the title and whether or not the editor should be included on the cover. It was decided to not include the editor on the cover. As a result, I had to decide where I should put the text. Should it go center-center, top-center, or bottom-center? Center-center was a no because then there's no excitement. It would be as if the title was rubber stamped on to the cover. Top or bottom didn't work because there was too much emptiness. Despite how wonderful the artwork is, it wouldn't be able to carry out the emptiness on its own. All by itself, it can. But with text, well, then there's a dialogue of sorts. So the best place to create excitement and dialogue and engagement was just above center. "2012" hovers along the horizontal axis of the cross. It infiltrates the cross just like the monolith infiltrates the alignment of moons in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Now, time (2012) meets timelessness, just like in the symbology ofthe cross. Plus, it looks cool.

Then there's the back cover. The back cover is the same artwork, but it's opacity was lowered. I wanted to use the same type of lettering as on the front cover, but because the letters were smaller, the cover image dominated the poets' names. They weren't legible, even with a decreased opacity. So I just just used black letters with a little formatting.
And then there was the spine. What was I going to do with the spine? I don't remember the options I came up with because the final option was very clever and worked well. I kept the original height of the of the artwork but smooshed it horizontally. I smooshed it from a width of 15.973 inches (4792 pixels) to 0.313 inches (188 pixels). And then put the text on it.
Now there's a monolith!

Here's the full cover.
And here is the original artwork. It's original dimensions were 15.973 inches wide x 19.74 inches tall or 4792 pixels x 5922 pixels. That got altered to 5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall (3300 x 5100 pixels). (The original dpi was 300, but because I shrunk I could up the final dpi to 600. Also, the printer we used didn't require a bleed, so I didn't have to account for that.)
Here's some information about Blackard and her art.

Title: Wake, 2010
Medium: Ballpoint Pen on Arches Watercolor Paper
Size: 16"x20"
Artist: Colleen Blackard
“Wake” is a glimpse into another world where landscapebecomes celestial. Water and sky are built up by masses ofballpoint pen circles to create patterns of obfuscating shadowsand defining lights that confuse and clarify the subject.This time-consuming yet meditative process gives lifeto every detail.

You can find more of here: