Meticulous, and Whimsical.

As a component of a painting that grand, he fits in perfectly. What he does differently is, how he does it. 

Part of a mock GQ shoot, this project aimed at creating visual references to a man, 
who, does not believe in setting a stereotype in order to kill a few. 

The Team:
Concept and Ideation: Natasha Chandhock, Saloni Dhawan
Photography: Mohit Kumar Fagna, Atul Kumar, Natasha Chandhock
Styling: Parthvi Nirwan, Rajshree Nautiyal
Production: Parthvi Nirwan, Rajshree Nautiyal
Location and planning: Saloni Dhawan
Location: Lodhi Art Colony, New Delhi
Editing and graphics: Natasha Chandhock
Model: Ishwak

Blues unbruised.