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    Renders for marketing use of end client; interiors & TI work.Siger
Dentist's Office Renders
Client: Sigerson Architects
This project was a pretty thorough Tenant Improvement project that Sigerson Architects undertook with their typical style and panache. Significant rework of all spaces and interrelationships; some wonderful material choices, and Saxon's attention to details and gestalt.

Part of the client's requirements was for a set of marketing renders to be used in advertising the finished space to other dentists, to help get a jump on the process of filling spaces: though Saxon was developing this as a full ArchiCAD model, and hence could do some good preview renders with ArchiCAD's inbuilt Lightworks rendering engine, they're not typically good enough for the task at hand (high quality interior renders) and so he brought me in as an outside renderer.

I took his initial ArchiCAD exports in, did some basic cleanup after the conversion, and worked on materiality and lighting; the primary selling point was the interiors, and so these got my focus. I modeled the specific dental cabinets, as the OEM didn't have 3D models available for me, and textured this appropriately - these are *very* high end cabinets, and a strong selling-point and were therefore worth getting right despite the time impact.

Similarly, the large cylindrical fish tank in the waiting room is a selling-point, and so took some time and effort to dial in to look just right. The freeform inlaid pathway running through the carpeting also needed to be highlighted just a bit, and adds a humanizing curvilinear dash to an otherwise angular overall composition. At the end of the waiting room, the door to enter into the main clinic space has a lovely reed-embedded glass to add natural forms and aid in privacy without sacrificing light.

Though the emphasis was on interior renders, the client did want several exterior views - primarily to illustrate the entry experience and the mature plantings.