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I CAN'T - Raise environmental awareness
ARTISTS SAY "I CAN'T" TO POLLUTION Let's take a look at how artists such as Thanh Bùi, Alexander Tú, Diễm My, Tiên Tiên, Hoàng Quyên, Trọng Hiếu, Bích Ngọc and Đỗ Hải Anh portray different emotions when their daily lives are disrupted by air pollution and climate change through this photo album called "I Can't". Coal energy is one of the leading causes of pollution and climate change. Currently, Vietnam is third in the world in construction of coal-fired power plants. 

According to a report of Harvard University, in Vietnam, 4,300 people die of coal-fired power every year. By 2030, this number may increase to 25,000 people. Could we live in a broken, ruined city when pollution from coal-fired power plants took over? Don't let your daily life be turned upside-down and dreams get shot down because of those gas masks worn by the artists. Share our message and be more concerned about environmental problems. You are the one who can speak up and demanding change in the energy plan to save our life and our planet.

 #icant #climatechange 


"I Can't" campaign is run from 29/03/2016 to 02/05/2016 to raise awareness of the public and engage the youths from major cities and towns affected by air pollution from coal. This is a chance for Vietnamese people to join the fight against climate change (CC) while gaining knowledge about energy in Vietnam, the development of coal-fired power plants in particular, which is the main cause leading to pollution and CC.


Creative: Rabbat 
Art Director: Lai N Nguyen 
Photographer: Milor Trần (Vũ Hoàng Trần) 
Concept Artist: Vũ Nhựt Thắng 
DI Artist: Tùng Đào, Thịnh Pencil, Lai N. Nguyen 
3D Artist: Trí Nguyễn, Phạm Anh Vũ 
Graphic Design: Tạ Hải Âu, Hồ Anh Hồ Vân 
Makeup Artist: Ruan Dang, Dư Quốc Long

International choreographer Alexander Tu – Director of Performance Department at Soul: image of a dancer constrained from dancing in a broken world.
Singer Trong Hieu – Vietnam Idol 2015 Winner: image of a singer longing to free his voice from the gas mask and escape from the destroyed world.
Singer/Composer Tien Tien: Young, talented artist holding a broken guitar feeling hopeless as she cannot continue her dream.
Singer Bich Ngoc – Vietnam Idol 2015 Runner-up: image of a nightingale not only losing her beautiful voice, but also facing death from pollution and climate change.
Actress Diem My: image of an actress unable to continue acting in a world in ruins.
Dancer Do Hai Anh – So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Winner: image of a swan with broken wings devastated when realising that her dancing dream is dead because of pollution and climate change.
Singer Hoang Quyen – Vietnam Idol 2012 Runner-up: image of a mermaid living a tragic and hopeless life as she is unable to let out her charming voice.

I CAN'T - Raise environmental awareness