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    Personal project I've made with TFP model.
Pin-ups goes Hollywood
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Here's a series of photography representing popular movie genres through pin-up photography. I had a great time experimenting pin-up photography last October and I wanted to do something bigger... something more conceptual. I finally found a bunch of women that would fit perfectly with the movie genre they were suppose to do. I'm very thankful to anybody that has participate to this project. 

Caption: Adventure
Model: Charlene L (mm#678954)
Caption: Sport
Model: Dalyne
Caption: Western
Model: Carolinne (mm#1200584)
Caption: Science-fiction
Model: Anastasia (mm#2438014)
Caption: War
Model: Emilie Savard (mm#1369597)
Caption: Horror
Model: Ann-So (mm#1054771)
Make-up: http://www.mkimagerie.com/