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IM Technical Reloaded is a series of on-screen video tutorials covering EVERYTHING you MUST know as an Internet Marketers.
These step-by-step video tutorials are specially and carefully designed by Internet marketer for internet marketers!
IM Technical Reloaded Overview
Type of Product: Premium Training Course
Authors: Rondell Shaw
Official Price: $47
Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:
What is IM Technical Reloaded?
Online Markerter, Do you ever feel frustrated building online business…
Want to learn how to build your online business…
But long work hours getting to you?
Frustrated with steep learning curves?
And you don’t have the deep pockets to hire a coach or mentor?
No Problem!
Because starting today you can learn everything you need to know to build your online business… On a budget!
 Your current circumstantces, station in life, and where you see yourself in the world of online marketing right now is of little relevance… as far as where your heading to next is concerned.
You’ve heard success stories of people generating income beyond their wildest imagination.
From stories of a single mother making 5 figures a month to the college dropout building a multi-million dollar business right out of his bedroom.
These are cool and sometimes heartwarming stories.
But when you try it out yourself, you start notice these stories leave out a lot of details.
That’s when you realize that building your online business isn’t as easy as you once believed…
And one of the most frustrating things that annoy most beginners is the technical details.
Things like:
How to set up my web hosting account?
How do I get a domain name?
How do I add my buy button?
How do I make my web pages more search engine friendly?
The gurus sure make it look EASY.
Well here’s the good news. I have found a series of video tutorials of how to overcome all of your technical challenge made by Rondell Shaw. Unlike most step-by-step books and guides out there, these video is in done-for-you format so you can easily watch what’s on screen and all you need is to follow them.
This is as easy as it gets.
Think of this as the paint by numbers guide for online business like yourself.
IM Technical Reloaded is a series of on-screen video tutorials covering EVERYTHING you MUST know as an Internet Marketers.
These step-by-step video tutorials are specially and carefully designed by Internet marketer for internet marketers!
Even if you consider yourself a novice or hopeless with computers, you are about to leave your limited beliefs about yourself behind.
 How Does IM Technical Reloaded Work?
The Full List Of What You Will Learn:
< >Aweber: How to create a listAweber: How to schedule follow-up emailsAweber: How to create a broadcastAweber: Automation rulesAweber: How to create a signup formAweber: How to remove unresponsive leadsGetresponse: How to create a listGetresponse: How to schedule follow-up emailsGetresponse: How to create a broadcastGetresponse: Automation rulesGetresponse: How to create a signup formGetresponse: How to remove unresponsive leadsAdwords: How to sign up for AdwordsAdwords: How to run ad campaign for videosAdwords: How to run ad campaign for websitesWordPress: How to install WordPressWordPress: How to configure WordPressWordPress: How to find and install pluginsWordPress: How to optimize your WordPress SEOWordPress: How to add redirect linkingPaypal: How to create your Paypal buy buttonPaypal: How to add a subscription buttonJVZoo: How to add your ProductsJVZoo: How to set up your sales funnelJVZoo: How to create a buy buttonWarriorPlus: How to add your ProductsWarriorPlus: How to set up your sales funnelWarriorPlus: How to create a buy buttonClickbank: How to submit your productClickbank: How to set up your sales funnelClickbank: How to get your buy buttonGoDaddy: How to set your DNSGoDaddy: How to create a forwarding URLNameCheap: How to set your DNSNameCheap: How to create a forwarding URLFileZilla: How to log into a hosting accountFileZilla: How to upload and delete filesWebhosting: How to create a redirect URLWebhosting: How to create a MySQL databaseWebhosting: How to create an email accountWebhosting: How to create a forwarderWebhosting: How to edit your error pagesWebhosting: How to configure your index managerSEO: On-site OptimizationSEO: Off-site OptimizationOnline Business Newbies - regardless of which expert or 'guru' you subscribe to, the truth is you NEED to know at least some basic technical aspects of your own operation. I show you how to put your online venture together and each tutorial are no more than a few minutes long.Freelancers In The Making - if you are a virtual assistant or want to work freelance for other clients, here's how you can quickly gain this valuable skill and render your service for either one-time or monthly fee. Technical skills like these are something you cannot simply acquire from traditional school or college/uni.Got Technical Challenges? Sometimes it is unwise to hire an expensive coach or mentor to show you the technical steps when you can pick it up on your own in minutes (and spend quality time with your mentor to show the BIGGER picture of how to grow your online business)Want To Get Some Things Done On Your Own Quick? It makes little sense to hire someone over and over again (and thus forking out payment over and over) for simple tasks that you can accomplish on your own almost immediately. Plus, safeguard critical information on your own business operations as it grows bigger.You're A Business Owner And You Want To Train Your Team - as a leader, your time is valuable. These videos can substitute you in training your employees, interns or virtual assistants... while you do the marketing!

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