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Swissa Piccola
A typeface project inspired by legendary high standing swiss typewriters
The font consists of three cuts:
– one kind of ‘pro’ version which includes a ‘calt’ feature to avoid the repetition of letters in a word (more than 150 glyphs have been created with the typewriter to avoid this)
– and two stylistic sets : one with an original underlining feature, and another with a slashed feature (Slashed-x). In which all characters are unique and also made from the original prints.
It contains more 600 glyphs in total. The two features are separated in another two fonts in case a non OT-savvy app is used.
Each letter has been carefully recrafted and can be set at big sizes due to its its highly detailed ink spread texture, and at small sizes too, thanks to the thin strokes of the glyphs.
You can get it HERE.
Unusual 'Fr' currency ligature.
Studies on the ink spreads, on the forms and texture. Macro photographs of the typecasts.
One of the superimposition tests. Real typewriter-written text typeface vs digital one. This test helped to reveal the enventual corrections to make and also the perfect settings to enter in the digital font to make it match as much as possible with the 'real' typewritten one.
Swissa Piccola in use in Bayer HealthCare's Questival.com website.