Photoshopdesign by Lie Versnaeyen
This creation was part of an assignment for my bachelor degree in Graphic Design. The main interest of my final work – also know as my © CREARES  project – is the extreme manipulation of the human face.
The set of pictures that were created, was named Beauty In Disguise. At first glance, the beings had to give an implausible impression. On the other hand, they also had to create a strong fascination among all spectators, an admiration that let’s you appreciate the art of Photoshop.
Every image revolves around a certain element of nature. The creature in the picture becomes one with this aspect, which emphasizes there true identity.
The following elements of nature were used in my © CREARES project: flora, ice, stone, water and fire.
To see the live transformation visit my webiste: waterhorse-design.be
Photographer: Peter Claeys
Photodesign: Lie Versnaeyen

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