Promotional Posters for three of the more experimental typefaces I've designed.
Campcraft, a multi-layered font:
Remember those plastic Popsicle sticks that clicked together and you could make things from them with your sticky little fingers? Things like... camp crafts. Well, no… Of course you don't. You were too young. That’s why there is Campcraft.
This is a fun loving dot matrix font, or it would be a fun loving dot matrix if the vertical and horizontal grid lines didn't pile up at the intersections. Then again, it wouldn't be any fun if they didn't pile up at the intersections, would it?

Available on Myfonts. 

Metro Bots, a multi-layered font: 
This non-traditional font family of is in a category all its own with six fonts made from big city skies, the long tropical morning shadows of ancient ziggurats and whole pueblo apartment blocks, nestled into the steep cliff-sides of the sage-topped mesas of south western deserts.
This is a good solid, but kind of whacky looking display type family borrowing from the heft of good old-fashioned children’s wooden building blocks and the look and feel of both modern and ancient pueblo architecture. With a bit of the not-so-subtle expressiveness of a comical robot on a WD-40 high on the side.   

Available on Myfotns 
After 5, an upright, slab serif with a crazy beat: 
This is a face with a somewhat formal (ha ha) yet warm and friendly feel. Its normally calm, even and sensible rhythm takes on a syncopated jazzy beat when the 300 plus discretionary ligatures are turned on. This attention getting font is ideal for Posters headlines, Packaging and logos and menus in the Our House Graphics after hours staff lounge.
Available at Myfonts