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    Rebranding for Artracks Recording Studios
Artracks Recording Studios
Brand redesign / Website redesign / web
Logo design Ioannis Belegrinis follow

QA assistance Maria Sotiropoulou

Artracks Recording Studios provides a wide range of services to music artists, including music production and arrangement, recording, editing, mixing and other related services since 1985.
Its new brand identity should avoid the reuse of certain elements which existed in the old identity, which related more to electronic music and 80's music technology concepts, than to the studio's approach to perfect any kind of music based on the musical concept of each individual work.
The main direction set as the basis to start the research was to focus on the simplicity of other –mainly British– recording studios' identities, and its ability to express sound and energy.
Sound is a mechanical wave, that is an oscillation of pressure composed of frequencies; mathematically, the most basic wave is the one-dimensional sine wave.
A lot of sine waves, when different in properties and combined, produce different shapes of waves creating what we know as "timbre", which characterises a voice or a musical instrument.
A peak experience is a euphoric psychological state, but a peak is also the highest point on a sound wave.

The colour scheme was based on the old Artracks logo.
Automatic connection of each producer with his own discography
Full discography presentation within a single page



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