Discuss Phase:
Idea Crafting, Thought Processing, Theme Making

Project Pitch
Mario goes through the pipes signifying the evolution of games. He travels through the different worlds into 5 different categories; Competitive games, Storytelling, Gameplay, and Graphics. Discovering some of the games within each category and how they evolved into more advanced games. It is going to be a video in a montage style with Mario being the main protagonist of this little adventure. In small 6-10 second clips for each game we will show how that aspect of game design has evolved over the years and why it makes video games so awesome. The whole video will be around 2 ½ / 3 minutes long and will include visuals and soundtrack clips from each game.
Production name: Gaming Through the Pipes (GTTP)

Kara: After effects, Video editing, Story Boarding

Cassandra: Story Boarding, Script Writing, Asset Creation, SFX

Miguel: Soundtrack and Score, Video editing, SFX
Discover Phase:
Research, Pre-asset creation, Planning
These are our 15 plot points that we came up with
Logo Progress:

Side Note, we do not own any mario or super mario related images. we simply used it for educational purposes

Logo made by Miguel
Discover/Discuss Phase