Need to Change

For years, the French Airports Association had been called "UAF". While they loved their original identity, they believed it was time to streamline the name and align with industry standards. After consulting with members across the board, they asked us to work on a rebranding process to resonate more with their external audience and better present what they do as an organization. 

The Challenge

The initial challenge in the design process was figuring out how to strike a balance between the professional association (known by its members but unknown for most of people) a new identity more rooted into the Airport industry and the network aspects. Our initial sketches reflected this desire. 

Ideation & Sketching 

We soon realized that in order for us to successfully rebrand the UAF we needed to start with a blank slate. We also focus on the "A" from their acronym as the basis of the logo. We explored new ways to express the letterform visually, and landed on three different concepts after a series of explorations. Here are some proposals for each concept extracted from our sketches and studies:

Concept 1: The Airport Marshall

The action of the Aircraft Marshall symbolizes the union between several technical professionals (pilots, handling agents, transit agents waiting in the jetway, fueler...). It is also a moment when time stands still, a time where they research the accuracy of point of parking. The colors (supplied during the brief) give a lighter tone and adds a touch of diversity. 

We liked this logo because it is anchored well in the industry.
Concept 2: Take-off

Some see a window, others an airport runway, a stylized take-off or even a butterfly. We want there to bring elegance with clear and clean lines but at the same time strength with angles almost cut with a cutter.
Concept 3: 80's or Vintage
A very modern break, round, warm in point against the cold side of the UAF, these were the words that guided the design of this logo. The typography mix is very visually interesting.
It is not expected UAF on this ground is an asset.

Branding Applications
UAF Brand Design Team

Special Thanks to UAF
Carine Moneger // Philippe Aliotti