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    Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) . Calligraphy Calendar 2016 / 1437

Ogilvy & Mather / MAHDY STUDIO

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) . Calligraphy Calendar 
2016 / 1437
Client: QIB 
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Doha
Creative Director: Youssef Gadallah
Art Director: Cynthia Klat
Account Director: Ahmad Hamza
Calligrapher: Muhammad ElMahdy
Copywriter EN&AR: Brian Burton - Lamia Khatib
Finalisation: Manoj Nair
A company calendar for internal communication purposes. Each month of the calendar will have one contemporary composition from calligraphers from different countries. The composition will somehow have to include the name of QIB in the Arabic language, their aren’t specific calligraphy styles by country.  However, the art piece should reflect articulates heritage while maintaining the brand’s name within the artwork.
Artwork Description
The Composition designed to reflects the flexibility and combination between the beauty
and traditional rules of Arabic calligraphy with the needs of modern graphical applications,
what makes the artwork to look unique and interesting for a purpose to holds attention for longer.
Contemporary geometric calligraphy based on Western Kufic Calligraphy (Qairawany Script)

additional composition
Additional calligraphy composition for "Ramadan" to be add during Arabian month 1437 .
Qatar Islamic Bank © MAHDY STUDIO . 2016