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    A series of banner ads and landing pages for Berlin startup Wimdu.
Wimdu offers the unique option of travelling according to what you want to do. A stylised ski trail map indicates how this works: all users start from the same point (Wimdu's homepage) and will find their destination anywhere in the world, according to how they wish to spend their holidays.
Wimdu offers affordable accommodation in studios and apartments from fellow Wimdu-users worldwide, with the convenience of your own home. Where Next plays with the idea of dreaming of your next travel destination; you may be partying in Berlin today, tomorrow your next stop could be Brooklyn, New York.

Source material courtesy of the original copyright owner(s).
With Wimdu you enjoy the luxury of a 5-star apartment for a fraction of the cost of a hotel, anywhere in the world. Playing with the idea of affordable luxury, I arrived at the idea of using everyday Instagram photos of people travelling and feeling rich, and enriched, by their experience. Using Instagram photos emphasizes attainability, having fun and sharing these unforgettable moments with your friends.

Source material courtesy of the original copyright owner(s).