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    lamp concept
People ARE SEEKING theorigin, the variety from the ancient times, which make us gape and fascinate.The technical advancement of our world was able to put our fellow-men in touchwith each other ,keep us together and serve our life without any condition.Today as a result of the globalisation everything derives from mass productionand we have to see that there is need tobe original not to be vanished in the crowd. We, designers also want to striveto create a little original world around us, which is not simple but notcomplicated either. The 'Motion' lamp is born to give a lovable item to people.The lamp offer a lot of opportunities as table lamp, reading lamp or to create a pleasentathmosphere with its light. Technologically I used the OLED as source of lightbecause in this way i could form an ultra-thin body without weight. Look ofthis can be lovable with its soft figure but it functions a characteristicsign. There was two version. One is a total light surface, a drop, ant theother is the same form but on the top of that is an oval hole which we get thearc of the drop by. By this means we can see a more interesting form of drop.The lamp can be changed and bent in free way thanks to the lower part of thatis made from plastic but from the middle of the lamp the lighting surface ismade from free-form silicone. With the help of flexible wires in it and theadvantages of OLED we can twist , bend, wind around according to our tastes. Wecan set to read or to any other act and recreate the form so much times when wewant. Consequently we make the last face of the light which means a plus bondor tie between lamp and man. This the reason why it can be lovable piece of ourlife.