During my time at MRM-Meteorite, I was given a very high profile brief from Fidelity Global Investments.
The company had been having difficulty keeping their brand under control. They had separate sub brands targeting the extreme wealth, Investment professionals, and personal investors.
My job was to develop a new brand strategy that brought all of their audiences under one brand, but still be able to identify with each of them individually.
My first challenge was turning the sub brand logos into audience identifyers that would still be clearly placed beneath Fidelities umbrella. Thus the 'Partition' was born...
To differentiate and to add more dynamic elements to each brand partition, I played with many different ways in which they could be used. I began to add depth and dynamism to each concept by pushing the elements into the imagery itself.
Below is an example of an ad aimed business'. As you can see I limited the use of blue. 
and the ads below are examples of campaigns that were aimed at personal investors.