Shell - Top Gear Festival South Africa
Shipping Container Conversion
A month ago we were approached to construct an exhibit for Shell at Top Gear Festival South Africa. Most exhibits at the festival were constructed inside marquees. To create an exhibit that would stand out we created a new "box" nevermind thinking outside the box. 

The idea for a shipping container conversion is not new and has been successfully done internationally. In South Africa it is a relatively new concept and certainly has not been done on the scale created for Shell. 

The concept is simple. Take a shipping container (or 3 in this instance), modify them and then retrofit them to create an interactive experience for visitors. In addition the containers are the transport mechanism. Genius in my opinion :)

There were 5 main interactive features
1. F1 Tyre Change competition (and a top gear leadrerboard)
2. An F1 simulator race setup
3. A Scalectrix for the younger visitors
4. A Brazilian Cafe coffee bar where beverages where served.
5. An iMac and iPad experience centre

Over the 2 days of the festival over 5000 people passed through the stand enjoying the games, giveaways and of course the visual appreciation of the promo girls :)

I have yet to experience a happier client and next years event promises to be larger, better and a real show stopper.