At the end of 2014, Vauxhall and production company on101, created a TV launch campaign for the new Corsa. Happy with what on101 had come up with, they needed us to develop a digital campaign to boost it. The idea was based around the A-Z of Corsa. Everything young Corsa drivers associate with their beloved Corsa.
One of my colleagues and an art director came up with a concept where a user can press any letter of the keyboard, and images and video would animate around the Corsa in a virtual space. With the result, they could then create a composed video from their message. At this point, I was brought to the team to design this experience.​​​​​​​

The most important part of this was probably the environment the car would situate. We toyed with various concepts, and eventually decided to create a warehouse, complete with projected screen behind the car. So I spent weeks creating various warehouse scenes in 3D, and eventually cracked it.