Recording Producer, Manager

Web Design for Flash content. Created graphics assets for clothing during performances. Designed all printed materials like Flyers, Posters, CD Jackets and Album Covers. Handled booking shows, Hotels and studio times. Produced and arranged Five Albums using the audio software Reason, Acid Pro and Pro-Tools. Shot and edited the Music Video "Mom Track" using Premiere and Vegas Video + $30,000 in Record sales in 2 months (2003).

Environment: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Vegas Video, Cue Base, Reason, Sound Forge, Acid Pro, Pro Tools, 3D Max
MOM Track

This is the Triznain "Mom Track" and it was made in 2004.
Written and performed by Hector Triznain, Shot and Edited by Mike Loucas.