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In Art We Trust — Money in Art in Money

»Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.« – Andy Warhol

»In Art We Trust« addresses modern artists and pieces of art, which incorporate legal tender as coins, bills,
credit cards, likewise representations thereof as artistic material. This so called money-art ranges from
the mere integration of the particular worthless material money as metallic coins, colorful paperstrips or plastic cards
into aesthetic processes such as paintings, installations, performances, to scientific discourses on
ephemeral questions about debt, economics, and the dynamics of the art market.

In front of the backdrop of superficial sensationalist reports on the correlation between money and art,
this book ought to illuminate the occurrences of the tremendous record sums paid for artworks on the market.
Simultaneously it presents notorious artists and remarkable artworks that deal in the same
context but were not broadcasted as widespread as those excessive pieces of modern art which
go under the hammer of the most exclusive auction houses.

In four thematic chapters numerous paintings, sculptures, object and performative acts
from the field of urban, digital and especially avant-garde art were showcased and put up
for critic discourse on monetary occurrences in the contemporary art scene. 

This topic is thematically round off by two essays by art historian Dr. Max Haiven and art critic Nicole Zepter besides interviews with (money) art collector Dr. Stefan Haupt and Bruno Brunnet – director of the renowned gallery  Contemporary Fine Art, Berlin – as well as a portrait on concept artist Sebastian Siechold.

In Art We Trust — Money In Art In Money
398 Pages, 28,0 x 21,8 cm,swiss brochure binding
In Art We Trust — Money in Art in Money


In Art We Trust — Money in Art in Money

»In Art We Trust« befasst sich mit Künstler/innen und Werken, die sich Geld in unterschiedlichsten Formen als künstlerisches Medium vornehmen. D Read More