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    This is a collection of my old artwork. Some drawings; graphite, charcoal, and pen & ink. Also a couple oil paintings and one etching.
These are some of my old; very old, pieces of artwork I've done in the past. Most of it was done back in high school between the years of 1987 - 1990 roughly. I am now just getting back into art; drawing, painting, etc., again and will soon be posting new works eventually.
Drew this portrait of Alicia Silverstone in 1996 just to see if I could draw her face well!
Drew this image of Brandon Lee in "The Crow" from the small image on soundtrack CD in 1995.
Drew this skulls image for a friend in the Navy; roughly 1991 I believe.
Made this etching of Freddy Krueger back in high school art class; roughly 1988 or 1989 I believe. Etched onto plexiglass, then printed from that. First etching I ever did.
Pen & ink drawing done back in high school as well; 1988-89 roughly.
Another drawing from high school; same time period.
The 2nd oil painting I ever did, back in high school as well.
This is the 1st oil painting I ever did. Done in high school, and it's the scene from the "Return of the Living Dead" movie poster.