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    A cover illustration for "Little White Lies" magazine, of D&AD 2011/2012 Illustration Brief.
Black Swan Illustration   
A Respond to D&AD 2011/2012 Illustration Brief
The brief was to create a cover illustration for the "Little White Lies" magazine, of which the movie choices are the year's top 5 films. I am assigned to do two movies, and one of it is 'Black Swan'. 'Black Swan' is a movie starring Natalie Portman, a ballet dancer who slowly loses her mind for her roles in a performance. I wanted to show her fragile and innocent character but at the same time, letting loose a little of her evil side. Thus the black and white, contrasting both her evil and good sides, as well as the red colored eyes reflecting her slowly change of character. The head piece is purposely drawn in this way, being half real and half fantasy, which indicates the character's struggles in between reality and illusion. The illustration is hand drawn, scanned, colored and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop.
Original sketch
Close up view
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