Jeddah Obhur Palace
A thematic conceptual design competition
Frontal zone
This concept is basically depends on the sense of abstractation, to create such unique environmental identities. inscripted using natural elements.
Visualization studies 1: Main palace
Visualization studies 2: Main palace integration with the whole site 
Frontal zone study
Total site
Land sections, environmental treatments 
Princess island visualization studies 
Imagining a place where each one has the privacy needed and sea view, imaging feeling with the high levels and sea color incredible to have, merging them in beautiful harmony to have the maximum degree of relaxation that one could reach on such a place. Here, the idea of obhour palace can be arranged, This concept is defined by the open water system, turning concept into islands scheme.
Exterior shots shows the general design theme, princess island 
The design aims to produce a leisure vacation life style by making use of the mountain and sea resources and creating a green ecological environment. The royal palaces must have apposition of dominance, of clean open angles sights, well defined by glorious order and character and to have the ease of access by any of project elements. Main concept is treated with sense of organization but in the same time; spontaneous randomization in the architectural layout . The buildings are arranged in both order and specified angle degrees confronting the leading wind, Such way of arrangement not only ensures the resort natural airing and the wide view but also fully enjoys the advantageous landscape and vistas of site.