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    Table lamp concept by Maria Altukhova
Light comes from within just as it would enter a dark room through a half-open door. All objects are in black color to merge well with the darkness. The inner surface is glossy white. LEDs are hidden, so that the light reflects from the inner surface and comes out from the dark. This creates the illusion of light shining out of nowhere. Color, brightness and mode of light are regulated by touchscreen remote control.

Tablelamp concept , 2012
Material: ceramics
Designer: Maria Altukhova http://mariaaltukhova.com/
Not yet commercially produced

DESIGN AND DESIGN INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2012 (Paris,France)                                                                         http://www.designanddesign.com/index-pic-22941.html
Prototype of "CREVICE LAMP" was presented at SaloneSatellite World Wide Moscow 2012 (Moscow, Russia).