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    SHE Sanitary napkins
SHE sanitary napkins
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Brief: Acreative pitch campaign. SHE sanitary napkin wanted to launch its new range ofproduct "panty-liners" in the market. There was no near competitionto the product category, however the main obstacle was awareness amongst Indianwomen for using panty-liners, which was a novel concept of hygiene in its own.

Concept: We cracked down various situations where apanty-liner would have rescued the women from embarassment, trouble and otherproblems. In that process, we found the functionalities of a panty-liner. Then,the idea came along smoothly like a problem-solution concept. We showcasedpictorial depictions of situations where a woman would be relieved if she useda panty-liner in a comic strip pattern aligning it with a discount attraction.

Mascot: We cracked the concept, but still we couldntdefine the entire visual without the help of a mascot. We designed a Mascot forSHE as "Ms. Perfect" who was like an agony aunty with quick remediesfor all problems. A saviour, a real-life "wonderwoman". The comicstrip series was named as "SHE is Ms. Perfect".