We surround ourselves with what we truly appreciate, with something that fulfills our life. The main value - is the human being. Swedish concern Volvo develops the idea of its philosophy "Designed around you". This key aspect inspired Radugadesign studio to create a visual concept for the summer presentation called "The Birth of Excellence" for the premiere of Volvo S90 in Russia.
With the help of holographic projections we created an illusion of a protective dome all over the car, which reflected the company’s values-safety and comfort. And also we managed to transmit the technological features and ideas that inspired the creators of the Volvo S90 model.
PS 100% CGI

Creative directors: Mikhail Kabatov, Ivan Nefedkin
Producer: Tanya Sopp
CG production director: Roman Goobanov
Concept artist: Sergey Voronov
Lead CG Generalist: Elen Elkiev

CG Generalists: 
Artur Zhamaletdinov
Dmitry Kulikov

Sound FX: Veniamin Rayev

In collaboration with the Avantgarde agency
Technical director of the show: Vitaliy Erzikov
Account director: Sergey Shmelev
Creative director: Maria Sergeeva