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    Laqshya 'OOH' Media Solutions is the most widest and renowned outdoor media space across the country.
Laqshya 'OOH'
Direct Mailer
Laqshya 'OOH' Media : Direct Mailer

Brief: Laqshya OOH came up with 99 bus panel loactions in Chennai wanted to highlight the same informing the media planners.

Concept 1: The idea was to create a unique mailer to attract attention.
Concept 2: The idea was to highlight Chennai and Bus branding.

Concept 1 Working: I created a BUS shaped mailer with a pop-up insert.
Concept 2 Working: I created a cutout mailer with superstar 'Rajnikanth'.

Results: Clients approved the both the ideas at 1st shot without any changes; but later went for concept 1.

(Work done while in Hanmer MSL Creative +)
Laqshya 'OOH' Media : E-mailer

Brief: Laqshya OOH was at Commonwealth Games, Street Furniture, Delhi.

Concept: The idea was to create a sync between sports at Commonwealth and branding on street furniture.