" Set Me Free "  Is a personal piece really covering a very familiar topic. I'm sure we've all had a moment where we've been torn between doing something we love and doing what society tells us. We've all had fears and obstacles blocking our path acting as chains to keep us down. One thing we should all realize is that we have unlimited power to make change and overcome those obstacles and break those chains. We are often more powerful then we give ourselves credit and forget how strong we are mentally, physically, and emotionally and even sometimes create those chains ourself. My goal with this piece is to inspire and encourage everyone to believe in themselves and always. We all lose faith sometimes, I myself even recently have been guilty but ultimately we keep pushing forward seeking the change the we ourselves very heavily can influence. Follow your dreams people do whatever it takes. 


My goal with this piece was to utilize the vector tools Adobe Illustrator offers to me, but still maintain a hand-drawn quality and a "clean-messy" look.