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    Chaingang is a company that promotes bike riders and people with busy schedules. If you can ride a bike, you can have a job.
Where riders get to work
Joining the Chaingang is simple. Choose your path. 

As a boss you can post jobs for couriers to complete. It's a way to pay the people who need it most, and it helps you to be more productive taking care of the tasks you cant get to.

As a courier you can make extra money by completing jobs either part time or full time.

Everyone at Chaingang is part of the cycle of good work.
Join Chaingang as a Boss via the website
Set your job criteria 
Once your job is posted it will appear on the courier job board
Couriers use branded bikes with an ipad mount and can choose their accessories
Interface for the ipad application that couriers use to complete jobs. They can also have boss accounts
Courier interface where they can bid on jobs by date and location