The Örlibörd Connection**
* my docuzine, an old school skateboard for the point of sale, and hangtags/ businesscards *
* analysing and researching * 
* diversification *
 * some of my previous thoughts and attempts round about the label *
* i asked my friends if they have some special stories that they connect with their favorite t-shört *
 * the örlibörd font *
* the logo(s) * 
one part of the concept is the charity series. designs will be made for först aid projects and all the profit will be donated. the först shört is a project in my hometown where some kids try to get some money to get a skatepark built. Therefor i interviewed one of the founders about the project.
* some of the T-shört designs *
* a label for the arm for upgrading the shört *
* the web *
* spread the shört *
* the layout for my documentation and the fanzine * 
* The whole story * 
  * Thanks for watching *