T TPC Company Profile
"TTPC stands for 'Teknologi Tenaga Perlis Consortium'. TTPC is one of 6 Independent Power Producers established under the Malaysian Privatisation Scheme to supply electricity to the national electric utility to the national power supply (TNB). Apart from supplying or being a company that runs a electricity power plant, TTPC too provide a complete range of expertise and experience to undertake a major power generation project concept through construction, commissioning and operations"

Introduction excerpt from the background & experience write-up. TTPC has requested to design/produce a company profile to be distributed for their clients/potential clients, where the profile's content includes the company's background, experience, vision & mission, overall performance in recent years as well as some recognition and awards that the company have gotten in the recent years.

The company profile was produced in a A4 sized booklet and the web was a proposed concept upon presenting the company profile to the client.