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    Tashir Media website
Tashir Media. Website & main page illustration
Tashir Media is a full service Moscow advertising agency, the company that owns media assets of TASHIR group. Main professional areas: advertising, btl, marketing, web-projects, advertising in malls.

Main idea-slogan of this site - "we will take your advertising out of the grayness". This slogan is situated for a few seconds in the first loading page with big agency logo while the main page with big illustration is loading. Then, after the loading is complete - user will see the big grey boring city with with many monotonous grey houses that were built in the second part of soviet age. Such grey districts are in every russian city and in Moscow too. But between these grey ugly houses there are bright saturated buildings and object. Each of them means one of main Tashir Media directions. Big rocket - marketing, flying bus - video advertising in Moscow buses, stadium with big celebration - event & btl, big octopus - advertising in Moscow Oceanarium, King Kong dressed in souvenir clothes with souvenir cup - creation of souvenir production, Stalin skyscraper with browser pictograms - internet projects, big orange mall - advertising in malls and advertising in cinema, Godzilla reading magazine - print publications, big building with glowing globe - technic department, tower resembling Ostankino tower with big megaphones - radio advertising, big trivial milk package with space flying saucer - creative decisions.

In the top of the site is situated main menu and in the left - service menu. Clicking on service menu item places screen to relevant object on map and open pop-up window where user can download pdf-presentation and pass to page of this service.
Also the inner page template (on the example of service window), modular grid for inner pages and concept of iPhone-version were designed.
Not every features were realized on programming stage, result you can see here:www.tashirmedia.ru