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    UNDER ARMOUR | POWERline HRM concepts
UA | POWERline HRM concepts
concepts presented in 2010 as part of a meeting to discuss a license agreement
The following storyboards and product concept renders where part of a larger presentation to UA in 2010 to explore the possibility of a licensing agreement for heart rate monitors and other fitness wearables. These product concepts were very well received, however, the license did not go forward owing to external business issues (exclusivity, etc). That said, I think this was still a viable series of product and did a good job of bridging the gap between UA and this kind of product (keeping in mind this was essentially one round of concepts with no further revisions).

The main focus was on hex/honey comb perforations on the straps with an integrated use of metal on the top surfaces. The displays were all going to be multi-functional and have the ability to graph heart rate over time or pace, along with graphic representation of workout histories.

material usage storyboard...the central focus was on creating product which tied visually to other UA products and conveyed a sense of strength (through integration of metal top rings, bolt head details, etc)  while maintaining a lighter weight/vented look.
one of a series of preliminary sketch concepts...early ideas centered around honey comb perforation as a tie back to the look of quick dry material in undershirts and shoes.
one of a series of preliminary sketch concepts....also wanted to explore integration of metal into top rind and case back surfaces.
one of a series of preliminary sketch concepts...screw down top ring details to represent strength of construction and to reference to watch trends at the time (B&R, Hublot, etc)
one of a series of preliminary sketch concepts
UA it40 men's | We focused on smaller details like pops of color in the pushers and recessed areas around the screw heads.
UA it40 mens | A one piece strap runs through the sides of the case, while the metal top ring and screws act like a sandwich construction.
near continuous hex/ honey comb perforation through the strap....we wanted this as light weight and as sweat venting as possible.
note that the ends of the strap featured a large diameter hole...this locks into the sliding keeper on the buckle side of the strap. Once its locked in, its not going to let go unless you want it to.
on the caseback, we added a PU insert to help keep the watch stuck on the wrist (i.e. not sliding all around while you run/kick/jump/flip/jog/swim or whatever you want to do).
UA it20 mens
UA it20 men's featured a larger screw head detail where the strap intersects the case, plus UA text logo'ing running across the side pushers.
UA it40 ladies featured an open-faced display with more jewelry-like metal tones (in this case, rose gold).
We really tried to keep the color palette more sophisticated.....rose gold with two tones of grey, plus black or white with cream, and nickle metal with hits of red.
a better look at the strap end/keeper.
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 ladies
UA it60 men's was a heavily constructed than the UA it60 ladies style....you can see heavier metal usage on the top surface and more extensive use of screw details.