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Euro 2012 by Heitinga (Android)
Android app
The EURO2012 app by Heitinga: Do you want to be completely up-to-date about what occurs during this year’s EURO2012 in Poland and Ukraine? Then download the EURO2012 app by Heitinga. The app, that is fully focused on the upcoming EURO2012. The EURO2012 app by Heitinga contains the following elements:
Real-time game info
View live updates about matches, scores, game schedules and read the most important news about the EURO2012 as it is happening. The news page will give you a comprehensive look at the matches and will let you enjoy everything that goes around on- and off the field. Follow the EURO2012 exactly the way you want it. Articles, news, photos and much more.
The Teams
Get a comprehensive overview of all countries playing during the EURO2012 supplemented by extensive information about the teams and their players. Watch real-time statistics about the performance of the teams and players.