Authentic Typography: Typographic Authenticity
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    a thesis focused on exploring "authentic typography" and creating "typographic authenticity"
Authentic Typography: Typographic Authenticity
Pratt Institute / 2011 - Spring 2012
What gives typography “life”? Significant works of typography in history serve an important role in the time and place they stand. They present a message and the purpose of it in its context, showing culture and beliefs of a particular era. The most successful and memorable pieces are those whose design is true to their existence. But nowadays, as we wade through an endless hodgepodge of text and image—both online and offline—it is not easy to find examples of such typography.

Keeping in mind the culturally diverse society of today, I want to experiment with ways of using typography to express cultural ideas—evoking a memorable visceral response that would eventually lead to cultural understanding—a vital quality for people in this world of so many different cultures living together. The idea
of “culture” here must be comprehended collectively, encompassing the customs and achievements of different nationalities, ethnic groups, and various social groups.

Authenticity is what I strive for in design—the elixir that will keep typography alive and healthy. It is what makes a typographic design “feel right” and “feel real.” And so I use a term, authentic typography: type that obtains life through truthful design.