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    Traditional drawing that was meant to keep me in practice but then gained more significance. It's all about Guts, Claws, Ribbons, and Bones.
Guts, Bows, Pellets, and Bones
Finished ink drawing
This image started as a practice with patience and pen. Very quickly it started to have more purpose than that.

All the emotions that I often keep cooped up inside me during the day would slowly dissolve as I fleshed out this image. I like to keep my true emotions and thoughts to myself, so this image has helped to keep me from bursting open.

I won't share with you my problems, because they aren't important. I will share my creation with you instead, because it carries more significance.

(p.s. i know the photos are bad but i did that on purpose, this is just a progress report
 the finished piece will be better, more to come)
I always start off with a light penciling. This way the proportions will fit perfectly within the paper's edges.
Pen on toned paper, image is cropped
Building up more detailed inking
Detail of owl pellet
facial and feature detailing with exposed ribs and muscles
A wider shot but still slightly cropped off, with owl intestine, infant skeleton, claws, and twigs and leaves around the edges
closer detailing, with ribbons and intestine, and tail features
the border of the image will have twigs and leaves with small spider-snail creatures crawling around (designed after an eardrum), plus hearts are embedded with the twigs