He ain't dead, he's just sleeping—May 2017
Provincialeweg—July 2017
—June 2017
From Hemkade—June 2017
The Open Draw, Amsterdam—Sep 2015
Workspace 6 —07/14
Schiphol—Sep 2015
Wareham Forest—May 2016
Some polder somewhere
Zwarte Weg vandaag—June 2017
Kalverpolder close-up—June 2017
Kalverpolder, Zaandam—May 2017
Save The Last Polder For Me—05/17
Vondelpark—March 2017
Windy in Het Twiske—June 2017

Het Twiske—May 2017
From the 2nd floor, OBA—07/15
Madrid in March, which sounded like this
Blok M, Jakarta (which sounds like this)