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    A deck of slides for a genetics competition in Norway.
Some salmon meat is red. Some is orange. Why? Betacarotene. 

Nina Zorić asked us to design a deck of slides for a competition - The 7th and final Annual BioStruct Conference in Jægtvolden, Trøndelag. Based on a part of her PhD thesis, the slides needed to illustrate the genes responsible for color variances in salmon meat. 

Because of the tight schedule, we used no-copyright illustrations from 19th century books instead of drawing everything from scratch. We also did a photoshoot with an actual salmon filet (that we ended up using only twice, haha). Monika did a few renders in Rhino for certain graphs. 

After retouching all shots, settling on a grid, and a color palette, we churned out the slides as fast we could. We were half a day late and Nina had to reschedule her presentation for a few hours later. But, thankfully...

Nina won 1st prize.