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    Chinese New Year 2012
Carlsberg Chinese New Year 2012
"皇帽一开,龙福齐天" means having a great luck once you open a Carlsberg.
Generic Bunting
Generic Banner

Ang Paw design, with sport UV on the dragon.
Yee Sang Banner
Yee Sang Promo Banner
Yee Sang Promo Tentcard
16-Can Pack Shelftalker.
16-Can Pack Tentcard.
16-Can Pack Shelftalker.
18-Can Pack Tentcard.
TONT Promo Poster
TONT Promo Bunting
TONT Promo SP Tag
MOFT Promo Tentcard
MOFT Promo Tentcard
Promo Fridge Sticker
Tesco Mailer
MOFT Promo Press Ad
MOFT Shelf Talker
MOFT Tentcard
RM4,888,888 Promo Poster
RM4,888,888 Promo Press Ad
RM4,888,888 Promo Bunting
RM4,888,888 Promo SP Tag
Merchandizer Tag
Pre-launching Electronic Direct Mail.
Carlsberg Night Banner
Carlsberg Night Backdrop.
Ad for The Winner
Limited Edition Carlsberg Gold Bottle Packaging
AD Matt Wang
Designer Wong An Jie
Copywriter Chong Yi-Shen & Jonn Droga